About the Event

Although it is a truism to say that no one really understands quantum mechanics, it is also true that this state of affairs persists not due to the lack of efforts from those investigating the theory. Researchers have been constantly trying to look behind the veil of empirical success of quantum mechanics, attempting to check what reality looks like if quantum mechanics is to be minimally coherent. What kind of story the theory tells us, however, is still a matter of much debate. But this is a task that cannot be ignored if we are to have a comprehensive world view taking into account our best scientific theories.

Whatever the difficulties may be, the burden gets lighter if we can gather interested people to do it in cooperation. Following the three previous successful meetings in Cagliari (2014), Brussels (2015), and Buenos Aires (2016), this fourth edition of our workshop brings together once again researchers to deal with some of the most challenging problems presented by quantum theory. As it is already a mark of the workshop, the research is pursued in an interdisciplinary way: problems are approached from philosophical, physical, and mathematical perspectives.

The realization of the workshop is a joint effort resulting from the interaction of research groups in Brussels, Buenos Aires, Cagliari, Florence, and Florianópolis.